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Summer Wind extended with Hindustani Classical

Music Released — 2020

“Summer wind” is about a magical voyage. Imagine you’re travelling in a supersonic train 🚂 that flies above the clouds and dives deep in the sea — a journey from London towards Rajasthan. As you reach Rajasthan in a mid-way through the song — a quick stoppage as it enters the desert and the train comes on the track from the sky, and a troupe of folk musicians board the train and participate in the fun. The train will then go through the castles, palaces and the lakes. As the song concludes, the journey will end at a station over a lake in Udaipur. So hop on board for this surreal journey. I’ll be there as well, you can recognise me — I’m wearing a white kurta, a saffron Rajasthani turban and a smile.

Listen to the Summer Wind with Hindustani classical fusion on the streaming services listed below.

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