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Pilgrims of Poorna Song

Ambient music, 2020

The pilgrims of Poorna would walk hundreds of kilometres — mothers with their infants, old men, women and children in some makeshift conveyance. Some walk with an idol, many barefoot, a few with a symbol of the goddess and many performing Surya namaskara all the way to the temple which ends with 7 km mountain hike. All this in the blistering heat of the Indian summer with temperatures soaring higher than 45 degrees.


      The pilgrims are usually farmers who after harvest travel to the temple — to thank the goddess for her blessing, some come with a wish for a child and some to thank her for blessing a child — and some for Bhakti and some for health.

      I was amazed by the sheer dedication and faith. I say this when my trips to India make me appreciate the value of life more & more and increase my gratitude. I dedicate this music to the pilgrims of Poorna. I would love to hear from you about how the music made you feel, did it take you on a journey somewhere?

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Pilgrims of Poorna

Pilgrims of Poorna

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