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Story of a Thar desert singer, Swaroop Khan

Released 31 March, 2017

Do you think music is a commotion, a drama?

Swaroop Khan has a story to share in words and music. He is facing an uphill task to disprove some people from his community; he is doing something different from the rest. I found him in Jaisalmer. Swaroop comes from the lineage of Manganiars, who are celebrated and skilled musicians of Thar Desert — The Thar desert singers.


They have survived through Rajput Kings’ patronages, and their songs have been passed orally through generations.

Although they are Muslims, they perform Hindu rituals, and their songs are in praise of Hindu deities and celebrate Hindu festivals.

They traditionally ask Lord Krishna for his blessing before initiating their performance.

So, sit back and enjoy the story with English, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish subtitles. Also on Amazon Prime Video in UK, USA, Germany and Japan.

Swaroop Khan, a desert singer

Swaroop Khan, a desert singer

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