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Story of a Zoroastrian Parsi from Bombay

Released 04 Sep, 2011

I met Rumy Shroff randomly in the Parsi locality in old Mumbai (Bombay). He was walking his dog and stopped to enquire about what I was doing as I took a picture of an old building. He wondered if I was interested in architecture as he is an architect by profession. I told him about my project and asked if he would be interested in participating, he immediately agreed and invited me to his nearby home.


Rumy Shroff descends from a group of “Zoroastrians of Iran” who immigrated to India during the 10th century AD. Parsis are an indispensable fragment of Indian culture and are active participants in every branch of society.

In a few parts of the episodes, Rumy talks about his understanding of Parsis, his childhood ambition, life in the USA, the Vietnam war, and the real reason he decided to come back from the US, and his views on marriage and his children.

Rumy Shroff

Rumy Shroff

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