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Nitin - the book is beautiful!

The photo reproduction, the photos themselves, the stories, I love it!!! 

Jeffrey GettlemanThe New York Times


What immediately strikes one in these gorgeous pictures is how Nitin has gained his subjects’ trust, making the portraits in this book honest, fascinating, and immensely likeable. For many years, Nitin has wandered India with his camera, recording sympathetic and philosophical interviews with people he comes across in all their variety. To these video interviews is now added this lovely book of portraits, a visual diary of Nitin’s wanderings. To enter the book is to travel with him.  

Dictynna HoodWriter/Director

Us Among the Stones, Wreckers (Benedict Cumberbatch, Claire Foy)


Celebrating the decade milestone since the Bharat Katha project’s founding — Lilian Baylis publications, London and Bharat Katha announces an immersive book of photography, films and music.  
A magnificent piece of artisanship from Nitin Krishen — this beautifully designed book captures the essence of people in a welcoming setting.  
Intimate portraits of people’s quiet, daily moments are immortalised in 27 motion pictures and stunning original photography that commemorate the timeless spirit of a unique destination’s ancient mystique.  
The storied modern electronic music takes you through another dimension and into the exploration of an ancient mystery.  
Each page of this luxurious, and first edition exclusive catalogue of moments, is beautifully printed on silk paper with premium ink pigments using a traditional printing method. This specialised printing wonderfully brings out the colours in never before seen detail. The satin cloth cover with its gold foil letters offers charm and opulence to any environment you present it in. 

The 27 films, including six upcoming and exclusive movies, shed new light on diverse cultural influences gained during this incredible project and will pique the interest of art lovers worldwide.  
The motion pictures can be watched by scanning tickets with QR codes included in the book, and there are also subtitles in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, with many more to come. 
The book comes with a free admission to the Bharat Katha book club and access to the ever-growing list of exclusive films, music and behind-the-scenes stories. 


10% of the profit goes to charity.

Bharat Katha Vol.1 Bharat Katha Vol.1: Immersive Photography Coffee Table Book

    • 284 pages 
    • over 300 Illustrations
    • English language
    • W 276 x L210 x D 36 cm
    • satin hardcover 
    • isbn: 9781838404437
    • weight 1.87 kg


    • shipping worldwide from London
    • please request for shipping price if the country is not listed here
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