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The Monk who talked without speaking

Released 23 July, 2020

A monk lives life in solitude — not for him the world of Maya rather days of contemplation, study, an ascetic life residing in the off-world monasteries. The purpose — to escape this transient world of perception and obstruct the mind to take shape in women and gold desires. Now they have been lured and spellbound by the likes and follows of social media. ​


The Internet became a blessing in disguise to capture the monk's story who I talked without speaking. Although he did say one word in the end, ask me what that means by leaving a comment either on Instagram or Youtube.

So, sit back with a cup of tea, a meditation mat and enjoy the story with English captions.

Also coming shortly on Amazon Prime Video in UK, USA

A Monk who talked without speaking a word

A Monk who talked without speaking a word

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