The Story of a Hindu king of Muslim Pakistan,

Rana Hamir Singh of Amarkot Sindh

Released 15 Sep, 2017

Meet Rana Hamir Singh Sodha, the present Rana of what was once the kingdom of Amarkot. Rana Hamir Singh Sodha is one of the last remaining Hindus in Pakistan. He shares with us the story, behind why they decided to stay in Pakistan while the rest of Rajputs agreed to leave to set up new homes in India after the 1947 Partition.

Despite the separation, he frequently visits India for family gatherings. I found him in Jaipur, where he came to celebrate the birthday of his niece. Rana Hamir usually wears his traditional Rajputana attire although while travelling he prefers to wear camouflage as he finds it comfortable. During our conversation, he opened up that he was schooled in India until his early teens and mostly stayed with his Rajput relative in the Indian army. He only saw civilian life after returning and had to start a new life in Amarkot. He had to learn the mannerism and etiquettes of the Amarkot Dhaat kingdom and learn new languages as well — Dhaati, Sindhi among a few.


So, sit back and enjoy the story of Rana Hamir Singh of Amarkot Dhaat. With English, French, German, Italian and Spanish subtitles.

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Join the passionate, sometimes heated discussion on the story of Rana Hamir on YouTube here

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