Dolma from Ladakh

Released March, 2017

Meet Dolma Tsering — she was a bit self-conscious to share her story in front of the

camera — I get to know it afterwards, although I did capture some moments in the film.

When Dolma was a little girl — wanting to study requested her father to let her attend the school. Her grandfather conforming to the social norm at the time disapproved of that.


Little Dolma had the ear of her father and quietly got the approval from him.

When Dolma became a young woman, her grandfather and her father wanted to marry her off to someone affluent and of their choice — and she disapproved of that and was in love with someone else — and that man wasn't very well off. Pressured by her family to get married to the man they selected — eloped with the man she was in love with and got married.

Her grandfather said to his son, "See I told you, don't let her go to the school". They decided to cut all the ties and communications with her.

All these years later, when her grandfather died, her father came to the senses — apologised, reconciled and let her unite with the rest of the family.

Dolma is happy and happy with the decision she made.

(Film releasing in early 2021)