Door to...

Ladakh, 2017

Swipe left to enter the magical world.

Just a word of caution before you do, follow these steps.

The gatekeeper monk will ask you a password to open the second door 🚪. Say - Om Mani Padme Hum.

Whatever you do just don't look into his eyes 👀, he will try his best to fail you and if you do he will capture your soul.
If you're successful the door will open and a little Lama will appear and will give you a bell 🔔. Take the bell and ring three times and the Goddess Kali will appear and will help you cross into a different dimensions and take you to Buddha.
Buddha will then give you a choice - take the stairs - one will lead you to the eternal happiness other one for a reincarnation.
It is you who has to decide the journey.

Are you ready!? 🙏 Om

"Bharat Katha" is a collection of real stories of real people from India.
Bharat Katha is a journey to the heart of India, crossing language, cultural and regional boundaries. These stories are from all different kinds of people about their lives, their views and their beliefs. An ethnography project from India, Indian free documentary movies online, electronic music portfolio, documentary photographer, documentary film release

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